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FAQs and their SweepRite answers

If there are any questions about how SweepRite can help you keep your premises in tip-top condition call us now on 0118 986 9253.
A few common questions are answered below.
Q) Can a Kersten sweeper be used on cobble stones?
A)Yes a Kersten sweeper from SweepRite will make a really good job of sweeping the joints between cobble stones. The brush height is so adjustable that you can get right down in to the joints and clean them right out. These pictures below show just a couple of examples

Cobbles before the SWEEPRITE treatment
Cobbles after the SWEEPRITE treatment

Q) Can a Kersten Sweeper be used on round top cobbles?

A) Yes The Kersten Sweeper can clean a round top cobble surface very successfully. The forward speed, brush speed, and brush height may all be adjusted to provide just the right effect. In some intances this type of surface does not want to be too clean, just not dirty and full of mud in the joints so that it does hve a chance to drain properly as it was designed to do. This image shows a before and after sweeping with a Kersten K 820 sweeper.
On the left are cobbles before the SWEEPRITE treatment and on the right, after the SWEEPRITE treatment

Q) Can a Kersten weedbrush be used in a garden centre planteria?

A) Many garden centres now use the Kersten weedbrush and sweeper to keep the planterias debris free, moss free and presentable. It is very common for organic debris to be spilt on the surfaces. This combined with frequent watering and semi indoor environment encourages the growth of of moss and algae in the surfaces. The sweeper may be used as a regular maintenance tool for removing spilled debris and the weed brush is suitable for a deep clean removing compacted material and established growth in the joints of the surface. This picture shows the weed brush removing estabished moss growth from a block paved surface in a garden centre application. The joints of the blocks are still damp where the deris has been storing the moisture. This surface can now dry out very quickly and further moisture will drain effectively through the surface discouraging futher growth of moss etc.
A weed brush removing estabished moss growth from a block paved surface in a garden centre.

Q) Why does moss keep coming back after I have sprayed moss killer?

A) Moss killer is effective in certain conditions. To understand when it will be most effective you must appreciate why it grows in the first place.
Moss is not a fungus; it is a very primitive plant that has survived from the ancient past before today's modern plants developed. Since Moss is from a time in earth's history where everything was trying to kill something else, Moss is very efficient at crowding out and killing modern plants like grass. It largely thrives in dampness and shade.
There are many methods for control and removal, the simplest and most effective being to change the conditions that are conducive to its growth - i.e. remove its food source which are organic matter and moisture. This may be achieved by sweeping the surface with stiff brush and removing any build up that is organic material and contains moisture.
By keeping a surface swept the ability for moss to become established is virtually nil.

Q) Can you sweep when our car parks are empty?

A) Yes SweepRite can sweep out of trading hours at night, early mornings or over weekends.

Q) Can you sweep kerb edges?

A) SweepRite sweeping machines are fully equiped to sweep kerb edges, corners, parking bays, islands etc

Q) Can you empty drain gullies?

A) SweepRite machines are fully equipped to empty drain gullies of leaves and sediment ensuring your drain can have the best chance of dealing with adverse weather conditions.

Q) Can you clean steps?

A) SweepRite machines are fully equipped with high pressue water washing systems that may be used to clean areas that cannot be accessed by the sweeping vehicles.

Q) Can you clean our road signage?

A) SweepRite sweeping machines are so well equipped that we have on board high pressure water washing facilities.

Q) Can you attend to a paint spillage in our car park?

A) SweepRite have an emergency call out service for our regular contract customers.

Q) Do you have a minimum amount of hours we have to pay for?

A) The way our service operates allows us to work on a flexible schedule system so down time may be kept to a minimum. We work on a per job basis which is worked out from the area to be swept, the regularity on which we sweep it, other cleaning activities on the site and the amount of debris collected. Our ususal minimum is four hours.

Q) How regularly can you visit?

A) We can visit as often as you require. Daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, annually....

Q) Can you quote for other maintenance jobs like emptying bins or landscaping maintenance?

A) We will be pleased to quote for all maintenance providing it works within our schedule.

SweepRite of Reading in Berkshire supply and hire a range of operator
controlled powered sweepers and collectors with accessories such as
scrapers, snowploughs, ride-on seats and gulley brushes, all fit for industrial
or domestic use.
We also supply or rent industrial vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner accessories, lawn sweepers, blowers, truck loaders and plant hire equipment.

Reading Sweeper Hire - Have pride in your place.
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